Bleach Wordpress Theme


Cute WordPress theme based on Bleach series. Ideal for Bleach fan sites as well as other anime sites.

Key features:

  • Bleach feel and look
  • Theme options
  • Custom logo
  • Custom banner
  • Dropdown category menu
  • Crossbrowser compatible
  • Multilanguage support





Click Here to Download Bleach Theme
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    • Vanilla says:

      Hi, this theme is simply fantastic!!!!!But it’s not a free theme?

      • Kazaf says:

        Hey) its free, u’ll be able to download it real soon

    • Kris Eismann says:

      Terrific details throughout that post, anime uses up an excessive amount of my spare time.

    • roll says:

      can you make a naruto wp thème?

      • Kazaf says:

        I’ll think about)

    • Vector says:

      Ah poo I’ve been waiting for you to make a new theme, I was really excited about it….but I was hoping for a “girly” theme like Anime Desu. Anyhow good job on this one ! I guess you wont make another one for a few months ?

      • Kazaf says:

        Wrong guess) I’m gonna release new “girly” theme within 2 weeks.

      • Vector says:

        Thats great to hear ! Any hints on what color it will be….maybe a dark color ? like purple, dark blue

    • Evil Saiyan says:

      You Always Make Really Good Themes. In fact im using one of your themes right now for my website i just got it started.
      But Still Your Like a PRO!

    • twisillusion says:

      Another greate job from you. This one looks more suitable for a middle sized blog.

    • twisillusion says:

      I want to report bugs, if the post title is too long, it cannot be fully displayed. besides, I think 146px width is not enough, at least it should be 180px. if calendar is put on the widgets, it will exceed the edge of sidebar.

      I know Bleach Theme is very nice and great looking so I wanna transfer it to mine, but the problem stopped me changing it since it is about php question. (sodebar is not). I hope you can fix the problem, and thank you again for sharing this theme.

      • Kazaf says:

        I’m not sure i got what you mean. Can you post a screenshot?

      • twisillusion says:

        I mean is it possible to widen the sidebars in the theme? (Sorry for replying late since I was really busy. :S ) I have widen the sidebars to 180pxs in CSS but I cannot make it to 200px(blog images is often 200X40 Px). Thank you.

      • Kazaf says:

        Oh! sry I missed your reply T_T
        Well you need to stretch animevisual_sidetitle.png in photoshop or similar programm.

    • Vector says:

      *crosses fingers* that new theme you said that will be out in less than 2 weeks…..almost ready ? XD

      • Kazaf says:

        You’re so impatient^^ yeah it almost designed, but still need to be coded.

      • Vector says:

        I luv Kazaf :)

    • fairytailstream says:

      How do I expand the content area? I made the sidebars 200xp then changed the pictures to 200x but the post gets pushed down? Since theres not enough space in the content area, where in the css could i change it? Thanks for the help

      • Kazaf says:

        First of all change the width of #wrapper id, make wider than 938px;

        and then change the width of .posts-wrap class

    • animeX says:

      nice……….this site is awasome

    • espartan1047 says:

      how i can change the sidebar the font color?
      please Respond.

      And Thanks!
      I modified the theme for my new site:

      • Kazaf says:

        Well looks like you’re done)
        Sry I was unable to get back to you due to exams.

    • Kakers says:

      Hi, Love the theme. I do have a little bit of a problem though :(

      I installed Wordpress Admin bar and for some reason it shows up just above the footer. I checked and the wp_header and wp_footer are in the right place :D

      Dunno why this would happen.

      • Kakers says:

        oh, forgot to mention. I’ll modifying the theme to suit our need but doing it on another site. You can see what I mean here:

      • Kazaf says:

        really confused ’bout that bar) lol i didnt expect that it could appear at the bottom of the theme. Test this plugin with a default theme…

        Whatever add this line to your style.css
        #footer #wpabarimp {display:none;}

      • Kakers says:

        After a bit of trial and error I have finally found it out! Thought I’d let you know in case you were interested ;)

        It was because this line:

        Was inside the footer div taking it out of the div and putting it at the start of the footer.php fixed it ;)

      • Kakers says:

        Couldn’t see the line in my post….
        It was the wp_footer(); line I put to the start of the file.

    • Andreas says:

      How do I add to the menu ?

      It seems to be locked!?

      • Atsuki says:

        What do you mean ?

        Wich Menu ? There is a page menu, a category menu and a vertical menu…

    • James says:

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    • Kazaf says:

      Sry guys I am extremely busy, I’ll take care of your questions soon.

      • Atsuki says:

        I’ll try to help a bit if I have any answer ;)

    • Atsuki says:

      Hi, this thème is really very beautiful and easy config. but I have a question : how could I custom the page asking a password to access to a page, and add my own text on it ?

      Thanks a lot for your work and your answer !!

      • Atsuki says:

        Excuse me, but would it be possible to just have a quick answer ? ’cause actually it’s quite urgent…

      • Atsuki says:

        Still waiting… ;)

      • Atsuki says:

        Excuse me, I know u’r busy but I’m waiting since december, and we’re almost in April… Could you please give me a clue ?

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