Anime Visual WordPress Theme

animevisualThis is the cutest free* premium wordpress theme made in anime style. Version 2.0 extended. Key feautes:

  • anime look and feel
  • five different headers
  • built-in featured content slider
  • beautiful comment form, buttons, etc
  • theme option page
  • post images
  • auto thumbnail resize
  • adsense ready
  • Turn off feature
  • crossbrowsing
  • XHTML valid

Demo: or

Installation & Usage:

  1. Extract the theme files from the .zip file.
  2. Using an FTP client upload anime-visual-theme folder to /wp-content/themes/ directory
  3. Login to Wordpress, select Design -> Themes. Then click on the Anime Visual, choose Activate.
  4. Select Design -> Anime Visual Options and customize the theme.
  5. Set chmod 777 for cache folder. (in nT version you won’t find this folder)

Using post images via custom fields:

  1. When creating a post, select Add an image and upload any image you want to use as a post image.
  2. Add new custom field with the key “postimage” and paste thumbnail url in the value field.
  3. (nT version only) Add new custom field with the key “slideimage” to show slide image.

For those who have problem with post images: In the value field of positmage remove and leave just image url without site url! ex. use /wp-content/uploads/image.jpg instead of

Still got problem with displaying post images? Download nT version.




Click Here to Download Anime Visual 2.0
   Size 2.4 MiB | 10,405 hits

Simple View mod (Show full posts on the main page):

nT (no thumb.php) version:

Header PSD:


    • WINTEX says:

      Sorry, can you add psd of buttons please?
      I’m from Ukraine and i’d like to change language to russian.

      P.S Sorry for my bad english=)

      • Kazaf says:

        Well i was about to add the psd’s but i’ve become busy lately T_T gonna post whole psd today.

    • WINTEX says:

      Воу Kazaf а вы(ты) по русски случайно не говорите, а то посетил линк и читаю ваш коммент на могучем русском?

      • Kazaf says:

        hey) да я говорю^^

    • Kazaf says:

      Anime Visual PSD

    • Akari says:

      This is so gorgeous! I really appreciate you sharing this! n(_ _)n

      However, I’ve encountered a small problem/bug/maybe I’m just being dumb.
      When I select a link from the upper menu (let’s say, Projects),
      the title of the selected page is displayed twice in the browser’s header. Any idea how to cure this? D;
      (Home works fine, though, since it only displays the name of my site like that.)

    • animecan says:

      nice templates i like this

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